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Change Log

version 0.961 - 2007-04-02

  • adjusted the appearance of the GUIs in unix operating systems.
  • fixed issues with printing, browser loading and sound in unix versions.
  • completed the OSX version.
  • automated building of the various packages.

version 0.960 - 2007-03-10


  • added quick and easy manual measurement of sounds.
  • added one-click generation of any of five types of plots of any piece of sound on the screen.
  • added zooming into the oscillogram and the spectrogram.
  • added popup-menu functionality to the mouse right-click, allowing for quick access of unlimited features.
  • added a log screen, where actions and results are documented during the analysis.
  • moved the previous right-click functionality to shift + left-click.
  • automatic loading of user-defined web browser in Linux to display the documentation.
  • Installation

  • migrated to the NSIS Installer to package the Windows binaries.
  • the math and graphics libraries are now installed in the same directory as SoundRuler eliminating the need to set the path variable in Windows.
  • Audio

  • added adjustment and conversion of sampling rate to display correctly sounds stored at modified rates, such as with time expansion or frequency division (bat detectors).
  • added one-click custom playback at user-determined speed, duration, pitch and sampling rate to allow for listening of any recordings using simple computer sound cards and speakers.
  • added automatic recognition of PCTape .wav files.
  • great improvement to sound in Linux using Sox.
  • Graphing

  • added color spectrograms with the capability of copying, saving and printing the plots in color. The color scheme is user-defined.
  • added autocorrelation and cepstrum plots for the analysis of amplitude modulation and harmonic structure.
  • added user control over contrast and window function in spectrogram plots.
  • high resolution graphs can now be saved in various formats. The resolution is defined by the user.
  • improvements to the quality of the graphical output and addition of the .eps format.
  • Printing

  • new enhanced interface, with storage of preferred settings.
  • Screen Design

  • added automated detection of screen size and removed the annoying dialog window at startup. The user can still force a format.
  • reduced the number of controls on the screen and placed them in more intuitive positions.
  • Settings

  • added standardized settings windows that recover default values.
  • standardized the format of settings files for adding comments.
  • added reading of old settings files.
  • added conversion tool for old settings files.
  • Filters

  • added plot of filter profile to facilitate defining bandpass filters.
  • Data saving and structure

  • added setting of field separator for .csv files to resolve internationalization issues with spreadsheets and databases.
  • updated the ID fields to alphanumeric, to prevent spreadsheets from treating them as numbers.
  • changed the names of fields that were repeated when saved as one table.
  • added a field with the version of SoundRuler.
  • fixed rounding in frequency resolution of spectrogram. Frequencies are now reported half of the resolution limit higher than before.
  • debugged calculation of crest factor and tuning fields.
  • Code structure

  • unified the code, with scheme to adjust to various platforms and versions.
  • added automated compilation for each platform.
  • added extended code documentation scheme. Documentation itself is still to be written.
  • modularized the code with global variable management functions.
  • moved the code to the SVN version management system.

version 0.941 - 2004-08-06

  • Added templates for exporting graphs.
  • Improved the Cross Correlation module:
  • ability to play and plot sounds
  • load calls from file
  • load whole folder with files for CCA
  • define extra sound or not around the call
  • fixed bugs in CCA of oscillograms and filtering
  • Added control over playback rate, so that fast and high frequency sounds can be heard at slower tempo and lower frequency.
  • Changed the method of compilation of the executable, turning it simpler, smaller and faster.
  • Improved the precision of the measurements of energy in the harmonics.
  • Minor bug fixes.

version 0.940 - 2004-03-16

  • Added documentation in Portuguese.
  • Added extensive graph editing and template creation for batch graphing.
  • Redesigned GUI and icon for Linux.
  • Makefile and RPM packaging for Linux.
  • Simplified and more powerful manual addition or deletion of automatically recognized pulses.
  • Added the ability of recognizing pulses under reduced and variable amplitude modulation.
  • Added the possibility of restricting dominant frequency tracking to a single harmonic when the dominant harmonic varies along the call.
  • Minor bug fixes.

version 0.936 - 2003-06-10

  • Spectrogram figure exports: fixed problem of incorrect labels on the Y axis.
  • Amplitude calibration: fixed problem and implemented RMS and Peak calibration.
  • Minor bug fixes.

version 0.935 - 2003-04-09

  • Fixed problem with stereo files, that caused error in cross correlation analyses.
  • Improved the user interface for cross correlation. Calculation effort is displayed before the analysis starts. It is monitored on the status bar during the analysis and the calculation time is reported in the result file.
  • Minor bug fixes.

version 0.934 - 2003-04-06

  • Improved the tuning curve filter with bug fixes and more didactic filter and help files.
  • Minor bug fixes.

version 0.933 - 2003-04-01

  • Separated unix from windows scripts, mostly to make figures display correctly.
  • Improved the cross correlation algorithm and implemented 2D spectrogram CCA.
  • Minor bug fixes.

version 0.932 - 2003-03-28

  • First release of the Unix binaries.
  • Fixed the resource leak in the Windows binaries.
  • Fixed a path problem in the Windows binaries.
  • Minor bug fixes.

version 0.931 - 2003-03-25

  • First release at SourceForge. Matlab m-files and Windows binaries.
  • Extensive changes for adjustment to the restrictions of the matlab compiler.
  • Incorporated the Tuning Curve filters and Amplitude Calibration as tools in SoundRuler.
  • Added the Textpad, SoundMath and CCA.

version 0.930 and back...

  • M-file versions for internal use.


Copyright (c) 2011 Marcos Gridi-Papp.
All documentation licensed under the GNU FDL License.

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