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Project Goals

1. Produce an open source tool for research and teaching in acoustics.

The SoundRuler project aims to produce a useful tool for expanding our horizons with respect to natural sounds. For the scientific researcher this might mean novel analysis techniques. For the teacher and the student, this might mean a complete collection of intuitive and well documented tools for sound analysis. For the programmer, neat, simple and well documented code examples to perform the most common tasks in acoustic analysis.

2. Fill the gap between using a ready program and programming from scratch.

Rather than a closed product, this project produces a toolbox. The novice user can take advantage of the ready functionality. The intermediate user can easily customize the program to add functionality. Advanced users can take advantage of SoundRuler′s structure to add graphical user interface, compilation to various platforms and localized help to their own code.
While the current code is mostly monolithic, it is gradually being converted into a library and a program that uses the library.

3. Reach all: backgrounds, languages, operating systems and budgets.

SoundRuler aims at continuously expanding within the concept of becoming available and useful to all. That means:

  • Open source code and free downloads with world-wide distribution.
  • Simple and basic code that can be understood without extensive background.
  • Collaborative translation of the documentation to an unlimited number of languages.
  • Compilation for various platforms and extension of the .m scripts to free mathematical packages (Octave, Scilab, FreeMat, etc).


Simplicity and compatibility

We strive to use simple concepts and code, to make the structure of the toolbox accessible to more people. We avoid fancy constructs that require extensive background from the programmer. We also keep it simple to gain compatibility with the various platforms and mathematical environments. This frequently has a cost in performance that we usually consider worthwhile, if it increases the didactic value of the code. Users are welcome to optimize any part of the code for faster calculations in their applications.


Copyright (c) 2011 Marcos Gridi-Papp.
All documentation licensed under the GNU FDL License.

Take a minute to visit VibroToolbox, our twin project for vibrometry.

VibroToolbox offers many options for playback experiments and equipment testing.

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